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Dilili In Paris A French animated film about justice for women. Kindness
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World A beautiful animated feature celebrating supportive friendships between humans and animals. Love
Mirai An entertaining animated film about a young boy adjusting to a new baby with the help of his ancestors. Love
Isle of Dogs An imaginative tribute to dogs with some social commentary on the side. Questing
In This Corner of the World A Japanese anime film about a young woman's daily life in a town near Hiroshima during World War II. Peace
Paddington 2 A sweet family film about a talking bear whose spiritual practice of kindness is what we need so desperately in our times. Kindness
The Breadwinner An animated feature about a young girl who defies the Taliban in Afghanistan through her courage and storytelling. Compassion
Coco A wonderful animated feature set around the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Questing
Loving Vincent A creative animated feature exploring the mysterious death of Vincent Van Gogh. Questing
The Red Turtle A magical and mystical animated film about an island, a castaway, a shapeshifting being, and dreams. X-The Mystery
Moana The quest of a young Polynesian girl to become a way-maker for her people. Questing
The Secret Life of Pets A delightful and funny animated family film about the playfulness of animals. Play
Finding Dory An inventive animated film about short-term memory loss, the longing to return home, and the lessons learned on a quest. Questing
The Little Prince A creative and spiritual reworking of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's magical and enlightening 1943 novella. Love
Boy and the World A colorful and out-of-the-box animated feature from Brazil that charts the quest of a boy to find his father. Questing
Zootopia A spunky 3-D animated film about a bunny whose life is energized by big dreams and rock-solid optimism. Questing
Anomalisa Vivid and creative view of the harm, loneliness, and pain brought into the world by mental illness. Shadow
The Good Dinosaur A charming story of a dinosaur with a good heart who learns the meaning of courage on his way home after many adventures. Questing
Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet A visually impressive animated film presenting eight profound and poetic wisdom teachings. Imagination
Inside Out An animated masterpiece that helps us understand, appreciate, and re-frame our emotions. Meaning
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