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Inside Out An animated masterpiece that helps us understand, appreciate, and re-frame our emotions. Meaning
Song of the Sea An Irish folktale about facing our fears, embracing death and human frailty, walking in wonder and returning home as transformed beings. Questing
Big Hero 6 A lively and creative animated film about a robot with heart, empathy, compassion, and gentleness. Kindness
The Tale of Princess Kaguya An impressive hallowing of play and laughter as the sources of a lightness of being. Play
Rocks in My Pockets A wild and weird animated feature about a Latvian grandmother who passes on her depression to others in the family circle. Peace
Planes: Fire & Rescue Entertaining animated sequel in which the superstar crop duster learns to deal with disappointment and put others ahead of himself. Questing
The Lego Movie A spiritually literate animated film for people of all ages that affirms that everyone is special and everything is truly awesome. Reverence
How to Train Your Dragon 2 An impressive sequel that leaves us cheering for the noble ideal of animals and humans living together in peace and harmony. Peace
The Wind Rises The life, work, and love story of an aviation engineer in Japan prior to World War II directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Love
Wolf Children An imaginative Japanese animation film about a resilient single mother trying to prepare her two strange children for the world. Love
Monsters University Animated film about monster college students competing to become the scariest one of them all. Play
The Croods An animated film that has it all: captivating characters, rich thematic material, humor, imaginative visuals, and an adventuresome quest. Openness
Frozen A 3D animated princess tale saluting sisterly love and female empowerment. Love
Planes A 3D animated family film about stepping into your dream and becoming all you were meant to be. Yearning
From Up on Poppy Hill A lovely Japanese hand-drawn animated film with a female heroine. Love
The Rabbi's Cat A French animated film about the unusual quest of a rabbi, a skeikh, and a talking cat to discover the unity of peoples. Hospitality
Rise of the Guardians An unusual tale about a playful free spirit who is thrilled to become a Guardian who watches over children. Nurturing
Frankenweenie A strange and appealing animated film that explores the unusual adventures of a lonely boy and his eternally frisky dog. Love
Brave The freedom quest of a feisty Celtic princess with a jungle of wild red hair. Love
Chico & Rita A Spanish animated film for adults that is a real crowd-pleaser. Love
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