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The Truth A subtle exploration of art, artificiality, and complicated interpersonal dynamics. Love
Asia Touching drama about the unusual directions love takes in a mother-daughter relationship. Love
Martin Eden A young man's adventuresome quest to become a successful writer. You
Our Mothers (Nuestras Madres) A moving story about a compassionate young man investigating the impact of genocide in his country. Compassion
A White, White Day A powerfully realized psychological drama about grief and other imponderables. X-The Mystery
Someone, Somewhere (Deux moi) An enchanting French romantic drama about synchronicity. Connections
By the Grace of God (Grace a Dieu) An intimate chronicle of abuse, justice, and communal healing. Justice
Roma A cinematic valentine to a Mexican maid whose kindness has a positive impact on all those around her. Kindness
Parasite (Gisaengchung) A masterpiece in filmmaking and class warfare dissection. Shadow
Ash Is Purest White An affecting epic melodrama exploring time, regret, and change. Transformation
In the Aisles (In den Gangen) A portrait of life after hours in a warehouse supermarket that illustrates the way of tenderness. Love
Woman at War A watershed Icelandic film which will speak to the hearts and minds of all committed women who are working toward the creation of an ecological civilization. Justice
In the Last Days of the City An earnest and imaginative look at a filmmaker in Cairo who is struggling to make a tribute to the city. Kindness
Transit An elusive but effective exploration of migration and liminal space. Questing
Sorry Angel (Plaire, amer et courir vite) An exquisite exploration of unexpected love in a time of illness and loss. Love
The Image Book (Le livre d’Image) A maddening and mesmerizing interrogation of the spiritual crisis haunting our current world. Attention
Birds of Passage (Pájaros de Verano) A harrowing interrogation of capitalism and colonialism infecting an indigenous culture. Questing
Sicilian Ghost Story A haunting tale of love that transcends horror. Love
Cold War (Zimna wojna) A passionate, episodic journey through the freezing and thawing of a couple and a continent. Yearning
Everybody Knows A family drama that explores the long-term effects of family secrets. X-The Mystery
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