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The Story of China with Michael Wood A splendiferous BBC series that traces the ups and downs of Chinese history over 4000 years. Meaning
Africa's Great Civilizations A six-part series tracing the very long history of humans in Africa. Connections
Victoria Season 1 of the historical series about the young Queen Victoria as she learns the tricks and the traps of her reign. Transformation
The Night Manager A fascinating and well-acted glimpse of espionage in the post-Cold War era. Shadow
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Powerful drama which charts the greed, racial hatred, violence, deception, and injustice heaped upon Native Americans. Shadow
War & Peace A sumptuous and exhilarating new adaptation of Tolstoy's monumental Russian novel set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. Love
Humans A well-written British eight-part series about a suburban family and their interactions with an empathic household robot. Reverence
NOVA: Memory Hackers A fascinating exploration of memory as one of the biggest mysteries of science. X-The Mystery
Downton Abbey: Season 6 The final season of the popular series with more changes than ever in store for the characters. Love
Mercy Street A drama that exults the quality of mercy in an improvised Virginia hospital during the Civil War. Love
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride One of the famous detective's most puzzling cases from Victorian times. Attention
American Experience: The Pilgrims Engrossing documentary about the challenges faced by this Christian sect as they struggled to survive in the New World. Meaning
The Storm Makers An expose on the modern slave trade that is destroying the lives of poor and illiterate girls from Cambodia. Shadow
Indian Summers A glimpse of the last gasp of the British Raj in India with its nationalistic pride and its toxic racism. Justice
The Paradise TV series about a spirited and creative young woman whose enthusiasm for work is a wonder to behold. Enthusiasm
Global Spirit - Sacred Travel: The Pilgrimage Experi… Phil Cousineau in conversation with Pico Iyer and Zoila Mendoza about the meaning and experience of a religious pilgrimage. Questing
Global Spirit - The Call of Wisdom Phil Cousineau in conversation with Jean Shinoda Bolen and Roger Walsh on the many forms of wisdom in our times. Meaning
Dancing on the Edge An exquisitely mounted miniseries about the interplay between a black jazz band and the upper crust of English society in the 1930s. Shadow
Grantchester British series about an Anglican clergyman who loves to solve crimes. X-The Mystery
Olive Kitteridge A caustic, angry and disappointed married woman challenges us to appreciate difficult people in our lives, seeing them as spiritual teachers. Teachers
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