Film Reviews

Parasite (Gisaengchung) A masterpiece in filmmaking and class warfare dissection. Shadow
The Cave An emotionally rich portrait of an inspiring young doctor caring for her patients in the Syrian war. Peace
Gift A documentary showing how art keeps moving in circles of sharing, giving, and generosity. Imagination
Pain and Glory (Dolor y Gloria) A career-high glimpse into an artist’s triumphs and tribulations. You
Midnight Traveler A moving story of migration captured on three iPhones. Hope
Midsommar A sunlight-drenched cocktail of grief and religion gone wrong. X-The Mystery
It: Chapters One and Two A decades-spanning horror fable soaked in trauma and buoyed by friendship. X-The Mystery
In the Shadow of the Moon A thriller than spans decades to explore the consequences of choices. You
Memory: The Origins of Alien A dizzying documentary that reveals the mythological roots of a movie masterpiece. X-The Mystery
Ad Astra A thought-provoking parabolic science fiction film about the transformation of an astronaut hobbled by a wounded feeling function. Connections
Downton Abbey Sequel to the TV series in which the beloved characters face new challenges and discover new joys. Love
Don't Be Nice A documentary that reveals the power of poetry to speak truth to power. Imagination
The Friend A deeply spiritual drama about the beauties and bounties of friendship. Love
Country Music A monumental series about the history, impact, and musicians of the popular music genre. Imagination
Luce A taut psychological thriller that questions race, identity, and class assumptions. Shadow
Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven) A haunting fairy tale with an urgent message. Shadow
The Sound of Silence A creative exploration of the interactions between humans and the sounds of the things around them. Silence
Alternate Endings Six creative ways dying people and their families are taking control of their deaths and the disposal of their remains. Love
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark A frighteningly fun and meaningful adaptation of classic horror stories. Shadow
Edie Inspiring story about an adventuresome elder who discovers the fire inside herself. You
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