Film Reviews

The River and the Wall A remarkable documentary that gives us hope that young people documenting the consequences of a border wall will make a difference. Hope
Knock Down the House A brisk and meaningful look at four women running to change American politics. Questing
Hesburgh Fascinating documentary about a religious leader who was a master of human relations. Teachers
Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story Top-drawer documentary on the African-American mystic, pastor, and spiritual mentor to leaders in the civil rights movement. Justice
The Brink Portrait of political operative Steve Bannon who presents himself as a rough rider on the right side of history. Shadow
Tigerland A documentary about a century of conservation efforts to save tigers in India and Russia. Compassion
Apollo 11 A well-done documentary about the American space mission that made astronaut Neil Armstrong the first human on the moon. Questing
What Is Democracy? A thought-provoking documentary presenting the challenges and flaws of democracy from ancient Greece to modern times. Meaning
The Gospel of Eureka A gently moving portrait of a town standing at the crossroads of faith and freedom. Faith
Searching for Ingmar Bergman A loving tribute to an enigmatic legend of cinema. Imagination
Amazing Grace An unearthed and restored musical time capsule showcasing a legendary artist in her prime. Imagination
Springsteen on Broadway A breathtaking personal tribute by the songwriter/storyteller to the spirituality of place, relationships, and service. Teachers
The Dawn Wall A suspenseful rock-climbing documentary with the power to lift spirits. Questing
Quincy A loving tribute to a fearless and legendary artist. Imagination
Family in Transition An intensely intimate profile of a Transgender woman and her transforming support network. Transformation
Every Act of Life A love letter to a well-lived life in the theater. Imagination
Stolen Daughters: Kidnapped by Boko Haram Story of the Nigerian school girls kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram now adjusting to being released. Shadow
Matangi/Maya/M.I.A An intimate portrait of an artist courting the intersection of creativity and controversy. Imagination
Intelligent Lives A solid case for tearing down the walls created by intelligence testing supported by the uplifting stories of those whose have escaped this segregation. You
Tea with the Dames Entertaining conversations among four grand Dames of the English theatre and film scene about their public and private lives. You
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