Film Reviews

Tolkien An engaging biopicture that hints at the origins of the themes and style of The Lord of the Rings. Imagination
Family A comedy about a workaholic loner who discovers that she and her niece are not really losers. Transformation
Clara A close encounter with the ineffable mysteries of both human relationships and the universe. X-The Mystery
Long Shot A raucous and rambunctious rom-com that makes some good points about gender equality. Listening
High Life A dreamlike spaceship thriller built to confound. Shadow
Us A terrifying trip through a funhouse looking glass. Shadow
Peterloo A mesmerizing historical drama about democratic fervor met with ruthless brutality. Shadow
Red Joan True story of an English woman who questions the way governments go about national security. Peace
Mary Magdalene A creative, relevant, and reverent film about Mary Magdalene, a deeply spiritual woman for all ages. Transformation
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote A picaresque and quixotic tale about a filmmaker transformed into a dreamer. Transformation
The Best of Enemies A remarkable film of hope, daring, and vision. Transformation
Time for Ilhan A profile of an up-and-coming political star and the process of civic participation. Hope
The Mustang Uplifting story about how a wild mustang becomes a spiritual teacher to an emotionally shut-down man. Teachers
Diane A deeply spiritual movie that provides a slice of a caregiver's life. Love
Gloria Bell A portrait of loneliness addressed by letting go and dancing. Love
Out of Blue An exploration of the big mysteries that dwarf crime conundrums. X-The Mystery
The Hummingbird Project Excellent depiction of the cultural clash between speed and simplicity. Shadow
Saint Judy An ethically rich drama about asylum law and the uplifting emotion of elevation. Justice
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind A tribute to a creative, determined, and compassionate African boy. Love
The Kindergarten Teacher A character-driven drama about a schoolteacher who yearns to nurture the poetic brilliance of a student. You
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