Film Reviews

Robert the Bruce Melancholy drama about a Scottish king's period of discernment. You
Resistance True story of the beloved mime Marcel Marceau’s activism to save Jewish children during World War II. Love
The Grizzlies Inspiring true story of an Inuit lacrosse team who transform themselves and their community. Transformation
Human Capital A morality play about economic inequality. Shadow
First Cow A gentle portrait of budding friendship in an alienating landscape. Connections
Emma. A witty and charming drama based on the Jane Austen novel. Love
Go Back to China An entertaining story about a rich girl discovering that family matters. Transformation
Run This Town An all-too-common portrait of how ambitious millennials are subjected to shameful treatment by their bosses. Yearning
Sorry We Missed You Story of an English family on the brink of financial collapse that will catalyze your empathy for poor and middle-class families. Yearning
Burden True story about a black Christian minister who practices love, forgiveness, and reconciliation by befriending a Ku Klux Klan member. Love
The Call of the Wild A rousing adaptation of Jack London's exciting tale of a man and a dog's search for a true home in the Yukon. Reverence
Just Mercy An emotional, fact-based look at justice long denied. Justice
Little Women The classic novel creatively recast as an exploration of sisterhood and the family as a school of love. Love
Honey Boy A semi-autobiographical exorcism of personal pain from an elusive film star. Shadow
Mickey and the Bear An involving story about a teenager dealing with her yearning for freedom and her commitment to take care of her troubled father. Love
Light From Light An unusual, almost meditative film that reverences the mysteries of death, grief, and loneliness. X-The Mystery
It: Chapters One and Two A decades-spanning horror fable soaked in trauma and buoyed by friendship. X-The Mystery
In the Shadow of the Moon A thriller than spans decades to explore the consequences of choices. You
The Friend A deeply spiritual drama about the beauties and bounties of friendship. Love
The Sound of Silence A creative exploration of the interactions between humans and the sounds of the things around them. Silence
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