Film Reviews

The Report The story of the long Congressional investigation into the CIA use of torture with suspected terrorists. Meaning
A Hidden Life An immersive story of a conscientious objector to the Nazis, his wife who supported him, and the community who didn't. Peace
Dark Waters A chronicle of courageous and tenacious investigations by a lawyer into harm caused by unregulated DuPont chemicals. Justice
The Irishman A drama with three great performances which almost rise above the retread of a screenplay. Shadow
Little Joe Happiness is just a whiff away or is it? Joy
The Aeronauts A thrilling ballooning adventure with a feisty and flamboyant performance by Felicity Jones. Questing
Honey Boy A semi-autobiographical exorcism of personal pain from an elusive film star. Shadow
Jojo Rabbit An irreverent and unexpectedly infectious child’s eye view of historical horrors. Shadow
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood A moving drama about the transformative spiritual practices of Fred Rogers. Listening
Mickey and the Bear An involving story about a teenager dealing with her yearning for freedom and her commitment to take care of her troubled father. Love
The Laundromat How to turn the tables on the super rich. Justice
The Lighthouse A claustrophobic descent into maritime madness. Shadow
Adopt a Highway Touching story of a socially awkward ex-con who discovers the value of giving and receiving. Kindness
Light From Light An unusual, almost meditative film that reverences the mysteries of death, grief, and loneliness. X-The Mystery
Harriet A moving biopicture of Harriet Tubman as a courageous and charismatic freedom fighter. Hope
The Kill Team A chilling and ethically powerful true story that asks why civilian murders keep happening in wars. Shadow
Clemency An emotionally rich drama that explores the moral and ethical impact of the death penalty on those required to enforce it. Justice
It: Chapters One and Two A decades-spanning horror fable soaked in trauma and buoyed by friendship. X-The Mystery
In the Shadow of the Moon A thriller than spans decades to explore the consequences of choices. You
The Friend A deeply spiritual drama about the beauties and bounties of friendship. Love
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