Film Reviews

Cajun Navy Inspiring documentary about a movement of volunteers helping their neighbors during hurricanes and floods. Kindness
The Society A thought-provoking drama about youth facing the challenges of citizenship, community, and freedom. Hope
The Name of the Rose A medieval whodunit with moral firepower that reflects a reverence for books. X-The Mystery
State of the Union Ten ten-minute films in which a couple grapples with the difficulties of maintaining an intimate relationship in our hurried times. Love
Catch-22 An expose on the egregious myth that World War II was the Good War. Meaning
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Eight-part series in which the tidying expert helps clients come to a spiritual relationship with their possessions. Beauty
POV - The Return Documentary revealing the changes in the lives of prisoners brought about by California's passage of Prop. 36. Justice
Global Spirit - Inside Sacred texts An exploration of the origins, translations, and interpretations of sacred texts. Meaning
Global Spirit A series of one-hour programs that explores belief systems from around the world that animate our actions; hosted by Phil Cousineau. Meaning
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