Welcome to Terra, a peaceful utopian community where tadpole-like creatures float in the sky and happily go about their days in a world that honors nature. Mala (voiced by Evan Rachel Wood) is a free-spirited teenager who loves gliding along in the air with Senn (Justin Long), her best friend. They are often accompanied by a whale-like creature who seems quite at home flying. Meanwhile, on planet Earth, human beings have gobbled up all natural resources and damaged the environment beyond repair. Their search for a new home has led them to destroy two other planets and now these invaders have their eyes set on Terra.

During an attack led by General Hemmer (Brian Cox), Mala's father (Dennis Quaid) is taken hostage. She teams up with Jim (Luke Wilson), an Earth Force pilot who has crashed on Terra. She takes him in at great risk to herself. Mala is amused by Giddy (David Cross), this alien's robot-like creature who teaches her English. Her plan is to have Jim go with her to rescue her father. The citizens of Terra have no idea of what lies in store for them: a sinister plan to convert their atmosphere to an oxygenated one suitable only to humans.

Battle for Terra is a computer-animated feature film directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas. What could have been just another sci-fi invasion story replete with endless battle sequences and the usual suspects has been turned around in two ways that make it different. First, the story revolves around Mala, an adventuresome and resourceful teenage girl, instead of a superhero. And, secondly, the story makes it quite clear that the aliens from outer space are human beings who have already been very destructive in their search for a home. In Battle for Terra, you may well find yourself rooting for the Terrians.

Special features on the DVD include a featurette: "The Making of Battle for Terra"; from storyboard to final render: Mala sneaks around; an audio commentary by the filmmakers; animatics: Mala's Escape; Aristomenis Tsirbas: pulling the strings; and deleted scenes.