Aziz (Reza Kianian) has returned after 22 years of wandering to the small town along Iran's Caspian Sea where he once lived. He has spent some time in prison and now lives in Tehran. Talking with one of the locals about fish, he learns that farmed fish are not as good as river fish that have had to swim upstream; fishermen call the latter either "fearless" or "lovers."

The word is out that Aziz is back in town to reclaim the estate left to him by his deceased father. The only hitch is that Atieh (Roya Nonahali), the woman he once loved and left, has taken over part of the place and set up a very popular restaurant that serves an amazing variety of food. She runs the establishment with her beautiful daughter Touka (Golshifteh Farahani) and two other women; they all share a passion for cooking and serving others with the best they have to give. In this community, Atieh does not depend on any man for support and she relishes her independence.

This entertaining Iranian film directed by Ali Raffi joins a long and illustrious list of dramas featuring food and cooking as a major emphasis. The tension in the story arises over whether Aziz has come to take what is his or to redeem himself for his lack of character with acts of kindness and generosity. In order to help him make the right decision, Atieh woos him with a series of nonstop delicious meals. A subplot deals with Touka's romance with a handsome young man who has disappeared.

The Fish Fall in Love contains some wonderful music, colorful scenery, and a delightful cast of Iranian actors.

Special DVD features include a Discussion Guide which includes notes about Iranian history and food, a director biography, and more.