Mike Wazowski (voiced by Bill Crystal) is a small one-eyed monster. In this prequel to Monsters, Inc (2001), he gets admitted to Monsters University and sets out to fulfill his life's dream of becoming the scariest monster around. Only problem is that he is regularly ignored or spurned by other bigger monsters. They view him as a wimp who is not scary at all.

As a freshman student, Mike is delighted when he gets into the special Scare Program overseen by Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren). Others in the program include James P. Sullivan (John Goodman), a gigantic blue-green monster, and Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi), a chameleon who becomes his friend. When their rivalry gets out of control, Mike and Sullivan are expelled from program and assigned to other less interesting courses.

Dan Scanlon directs Monsters University and makes the most out of silly one-liners and slapstick comedy bits by a variety of characters. In order to compete in the annual Scaring Games, Mike and Sullivan band together with a fraternity of misfits including a former salesman (Joel Murray), a two-headed monster (Sean P. Hayes and Dave Foley), and Squishy Squibbles (Peter Sohn).

It is a delight watching Mike coming to terms with his excessive need to become the best scarer and equally endearing to see Sullivan's transformation from this little one's worst enemy to his best friend. Monsters University is not as slick and frolicsome as the Toy Story series, but it does have its own shaggy dog-like appeal.

Special features on the Blu-Ray/DVD include "The Blue Umbrella "theatrical short (rated G); audio commentary; Campus Life; Story School; Scare Games; Monthropology; Welcome to MU; Music Appreciation; Scare Tactics; Color and Light; Paths to Pixar: MU edition; Furry Monsters; deleted scenes; set flythroughs; an art gallery; and promo picks .