Molom is a spellbinding movie filmed in the Republic of Mongolia by writer, director, and producer Marie Jaoul de Poncheville.

Yonden, an eight-year-old boy who was abandoned by his father, has been living in the wilderness with a pack of wolves. He is adopted by Molom, a shaman, story-teller, and time-traveler. The two of them trek across the countryside and visit two cities.

Along the way Yonden, who is filled with curiosity and determined to fulfill his destiny, encounters the mysterious challenges of nature, fear, and illusion. These tests are designed to enable him to listen to his own heart--the pearl that lies within.

In a time when so many boys are initiated into life without fathers or mentors, it is so gratifying to see on the screen the bonds of love and respect which tie Yonden and Molom together. In one of the film's many memorable scenes, the young boy nestles on the chest of the old man, dreaming about a moment of power and prowess--riding a horse across the steppes.

Eventually, Molom hands Yonden over to monks in a Buddhist monastery where he will learn more about self, the world, and the art of meditation. Of course, by then the shaman has passed on to the boy the wisdom of the ages.

Molom is a spiritual masterpiece, one of those films that transports you to an exotic place and then takes your breath away with its compelling characters and unexpected surprises.