Infinity is an unconventional love story and a sidelong glance into the strange life of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. Although the pace of this oddball film seems incredibly slow, it is worth the effort for the insights it gives into the ways a brilliant scientist and rationalist responds to adversity and death.

When his girlfriend Arline (Patricia Arquette) gets a mysterious illness, Feynman (Matthew Broderick) madly searches for the cause. The doctors discover that she has tuberculosis. Going against the wishes of his family who want to protect him from this highly contagious disease, the physicist secretly marries Arline and takes her to a hospital in Albuquerque. When he is working on the Los Alamos atomic bomb project, he visits her on weekends.

The screenplay by Patricia Broderick conveys the frustrations of this mathematical genius who is able to unlock the secrets of the atom but unable to halt Arline's debilitating disease. Infinity, directed by Matthew Broderick, is an unusual love story.