Werner Kranz (Robert Aldini) is arrested at a political rally after an abortive attempt to assassinate the speaker of the event. Landau (Maximilian Schell) is the court-appointed defense lawyer.

Was the young man's deed the result of his own private crusade or was he acting as part of a terrorist conspiracy? Landau believes Kranz was only part of a larger plan, and he sets out to discovery just what that means. The lawyer, obsessed with the case is assisted by a freelance photographer (Wolfgang Kieling) and Jessica (Lena Stolze), Kranz's sister.

Man Under Suspicion is written and directed by Norbert Kuckelmann, whose major intention in this sobering film is to explore why right-wing extremism has re-emerged in Western Germany and become so appealing to young people. A forceful performance by Maximilian Schell grounds Man Under Suspicion and gives it an authentic dramatic intensity.