Photo Galleries

Nature These quotes and photos allow us to bask in earth's beauty and also remind us of our sacred responsibility to her.
I Am the Light of the World A practice from Bradford and Hillary Keeney.
Facing Adversity A collection offering perspectives on dealing with challenges and negativity.
Contemplative Photography Practice Group - Gallery 2 A selection of photos from participants showing circles, lines, and curves.
Contemplative Photography Practice Group - Gallery 1 A selection of photos from participants on the theme of contemplative photography.
Everyday Living A collection of memes to inspire your day to day life.
Wisdom from the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions A collection of sayings collected by Mary Ann and Patricia during the five-day conference in Utah.
Sage Advice A collection of quotes from various spiritual traditions.
Animal Memes A collection of quotes about our companions on Earth.
Human Gallery of pictures from this stunning movie.
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