Ways to practice Beauty include living simply, clearing clutter, naturewalks, ikebana, and tea ceremony.

Beautify your home. Start by clearing out any clutter and things you are not using. Affirm your commitment to simplify your life by giving away or discarding at least one excess possession. Then choose one area of the house to give special attention. Perhaps you will clean and polish the wood furnishings or scrub all the tiles. As you are working, admire the textures, colors, and structure of each item.

  • Naomi Levy believes that crying is a cleansing release and a healing art that brings beauty to the face.
  • Tom Cowan shares a spiritual practice on communing with nature.
  • Andrew Harvey hails the beauty of Mary and comes up with ways to demonstrate love and devotion for her.
  • Arthur Samuels writes about cures for the addiction to beauty that enable one to love the person within.
  • Diane Dreher lists many reasons why simplifying our lives is a beautiful thing and a fine alternative to rampant consumerism.
  • Brooks Palmer writes about the beauty of letting go of things which haven't been used in a year.

More Spiritual Practices about Beauty