• Moments of Grace: Christopher de Vinck, who was a high school teacher and administrator for 33 years, has organized this exquisite collection of essays related to grace around the four seasons.
  • All Is Grace: Brennan Manning tells the story of his life as a zigzagging spiritual adventure animated by the grace of God.
  • The Gift of Grace: Interspirituality pioneer Paul Brunton offers an inspirational collection of quotations on grace.
  • Hidden Graces: Gretchen Schwenker and Matthew Kessler have compiled poems by 30 poets on the hidden graces which come to us in times of loss, grief, pain, and renewal.
  • Grace: Bill Huebsch offers a Catholic perspective on the mysteries and the bounties of a theology of grace.
  • Wrestling with Grace: Robert Corin Morris emphasizes the importance of being receptive to the grace of God which infuses all of our experiences with meaning — even negative ones.
  • Small Graces: Kent Nerburn writes about the bounties of grace when life opens up to us with moments of beauty and meaning.
  • My Monastery Is a Minivan: Denise Roy does a splendid job conveying the riches of everyday spirituality as experienced by a middle-aged mother with four kids.
  • Immersed in the Sacred: Kathy Coffey tutors us in the art of discovering the many moments of grace in our activities.
  • Angels and Dragons: Molly Wolf 's personal essays often focus on the surprises and the buoyancy of divine grace.
  • Everyday Grace: Marianne Williamson points to the importance of grace for living with the passions, fears, tensions, and yearnings of our times.
  • The Haunt of Grace: Ted Loder's sermons illuminate the various ways our lives are haunted by grace.
  • Signatures of Grace: Thomas Grady and Paula Huston gather signatures of grace in seven essays by Catholics on the sacraments.
  • Leaping: Brian Doyle annotates the mighty and subtle movements of grace in a sparkling collection of essays.
  • Bumping Into God Again: Dominic Grassi finds grace abounding in vignettes from the lives of family, friends, and associates.
  • Grace in Action: Richard Rohr and members of the Center for Action and Contemplation share stories and experiences of grace in action.
  • Seeds of Grace: Sister Molly Monahan testifies to the healing balm coming to members of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Saint Maybe: Anne Tyler's novel shows how a spiritual emergency opens a young man up to the grace.
  • Falling Out of Grace: Sobonofu E. Some looks at the lessons that can be learned in moments when we feel like we have fallen out of grace.


Susan Howatch has written a series of six novels about the dynamics of sin and grace in the lives of clergy and lay members of the Church of England. They are Glittering Images, Glamorous Powers, Ultimate Prizes, Scandalous Risks, Mystical Paths, and Absolute Truths.

In the last one, the year is 1965 and Charles Ashworth is Bishop of Starbridge. His establishment faith and his prophetic sense of ministry are shattered by the death of his wife. Suddenly, he is forced to square off with hatreds, passions, and ghosts that had been kept under cover for years. This novel reveals how God's grace can work wonders when our lives are shaken at the roots.

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