• The Silent Cry: Theologian Dorothee Soelle asserts that mysticism — the path of union with God, ecstasy, yearning, wonderment, and silence— serves as a spur to ethical action on behalf of justice and the well-being of the entire planet.
  • Healing the Soul of America: Marianne Williamson makes a strong case for turning spiritual conviction into a political force for justice.
  • Living from the Center: Jay McDaniel points the way into the future with a fine-tuned melding of spirituality and justice.
  • The Powers That Be: Walter Wink presents an ethically challenging reframing of demons, principalities, and powers while calling Christians to practice justice.
  • Fugitive Faith: Benjamin Webb's interviews with 17 spiritual leaders, environmentalists, and naturalists demonstrate that the spiritual politics of the future must be ecologically active, ecumenical, and global in outreach.
  • Soul Among Lions: Will D. Campbell dons the mantle of prophet with a series of essays on homelessness, race relations, ethnic cleansing, and more.
  • Oscar Romero: Marie Dennis pays tribute to Oscar Romero and his quest for justice in San Salvador.
  • Eyes of the Heart: Jean-Bertrand Aristide criticizes the ways in which the global economy is hurting the poor in Haiti and elsewhere.
  • Upside Down: Eduardo Galeano charts the suffering of those left out of the rising tide of economic benefits and privilege in the Americas.


At the core of the spiritual practice of justice is the recognition of the dignity of all people. In A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines, Jefferson, a slow-witted black man is sentenced to death for his participation in a robbery in which three men were killed. His godmother calls upon Grant Wiggins, a black school teacher, to convince Jefferson to walk tall to his execution. Wiggins has troubles of his own, but he does reach out to the alienated prisoner. Although both men feel deprived and devalued, they are able to bring out the best in each other. By doing so, they practice justice in the fullest sense of the term.

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