July 12, 2017 is ​an Internet-wide day of action to save net neutrality: the freedom of speech on the Internet upon which Spirituality & Practice depends. Here are four concrete ideas for action shared by the people at Vimeo, which provides video service for many of our e-courses:

  1. Speak out on social media. Here is some suggested copy you use to spread the word. And you can share Vimeo's graphics to get the word out. You will see a huge folder of them here.
  2. Blog about the day of action. Whether you’re a business or a blogger, tell your followers why net neutrality matters to you, and then send us a link. Feel free to borrow this language .
  3. Share this video so that everyone will know what net neutrality is.
  4. Join a protest happening near you on July 12th.

And for other things to do in general for justice.

  • Devote one of your meals together, or an hour after dinner, to a "Week in Review." Talk about what is happening in the world, especially politically and economically. Share news items that you think the others might not have seen. Consider the facts and also share your feelings. Decide together on one action you can take in response to the state of the world — prayers, letters to newspapers and magazines, letters to your elected representatives, petitions, contributions, etc.
  • The equitable distribution of the world's resources is a justice issue. Keep track of the consumption patterns in your home. Try to consume less so that there will be more available for others.
  • Another way to combat economic injustice is to revive the ancient practice of bartering in your community. Experiment with this. For example, babysit for your neighbor's children in exchange for tutoring or cooking lessons. Offer to drop off a friend's dry cleaning on your way to work in exchange for her programming your VCR.
  • Identity the agencies and commissions in your community with responsibilities to combat racism and poverty, both fundamental problems underlying many justice issues. Inform yourself about pending legislation and judicial rulings. Find out how you can make your opinions known.