Ways of practicing Meaning include keeping journals, sacred text study, lifelong learning, study groups, Ethical Wills, personal prayer and quotation books, and the specific practices below.

Before you pick up a new book or magazine, or as you sit down to watch a video or listen to some music, pause and ask Spirit to open your heart, mind, and soul through the spiritual practice of meaning. Call in wisdom. Later, before leaving this learning experience, say a blessing for the author or the artist to convey your thanks for his or her contribution to your life.

SPECIAL PROJECT: Make your own Book of Meaning. In a blank notebook, copy quotes that speak to your understanding of yourself, the world, and God. Paste in photographs that touch your soul, adding captions about what the image says to you. Get in the habit of regularly writing in your book "spiritual readings" of your relationships, work, body, hobbies, and current events. Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, the editors of this website, contains more than 650 short excerpts, collected from a wide variety of sources, that reveal a spiritual perspective on everyday life. Reading them will be particularly helpful training sessions for this special project in making meanings.

More Spiritual Practices about Meaning