Ways of practicing Questing include pilgrimage, labyrinth walks, mandalas, living the questions, and the specific practices below.

Make a pilgrimage to a sacred site. Almost every community has places that have been honored for their spiritual significance, so if you cannot afford to go far, you can still engage in this type of questing. To make your pilgrimage more meaningful, choose an intention for your journey: what you hope to discover, learn, or receive. Research the history of the site and the rituals performed by pilgrims there. During your trip, write letters or keep a journal to record your impressions. Take photographs, make sketches, save postcards and mementos to use to spark memories of your experiences in years to come.

  • Douglas V. Steere in Dimensions of Prayer recommends you make a pilgrimage in your own neighborhood.
  • Rabbi Lawrence Kushner in The Book of Miracles asserts that part of the great adventure of life is asking questions.

More Spiritual Practices about Questing