• Rabbi Jesus: Bruce Chilton expands our understanding and appreciation of the life and ministry of Jesus.
  • A Passion for Life: Joan Chittister profiles 30 individuals from all eras and many religious traditions who are "icons of the human face of God."
  • Honoring the Medicine: Kenneth Cohen examines Native American healing as America's original holistic medicine.
  • One-Liners: Ram Dass wants to jump-start your devotional reading with his spunky insights.
  • Spiritual Genius: Winifred Gallagher's watershed work on the way gifted, energetic, and inspiring individuals around the world are making a difference in the affairs of the planet thanks to their spiritual practices.
  • Going Home: Thich Nhat Hanh ponders the teachings of Buddha and Jesus.
  • Intimate Death: Marie de Hennezel reveals the epiphanies she experienced while keeping company with those on the way to death.
  • Faces of Compassion: Taigen Dan Leighton's watershed Buddhist work on the qualities that make for sainthood in our times.
  • The Seeker's Guide: Elizabeth Lesser takes us on a tour of the contemporary American spiritual scene and its many teachers.
  • The True Dharma Eye: John Daido Loori presents commentary and verses on 300 koans from Zen Master Dogen.
  • Re-enchantment: Jeffrey Paine presents richly developed profiles of teachers in a substantive historical overview of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • The Courage to Teach: Parker Palmer is a book that brims over with spiritual insights into the mystery and the magnificence of knowing, teaching, and learning.
  • Native American Stories of the Sacred: Evan T. Pritchard's book brims with insights into the relevance of Native American spirituality to the challenges facing us all in our private and public lives.
  • Healing Lazarus: Lewis Richmond's book is part memoir and part teaching on the lessons accompanying a healing journey.
  • The Circle of Life: Catholic sisters Macrina Wiederkehr and Joyce Rupp collaborate on a wonderful devotional resource about nature as a great spiritual teacher.
  • Proverbs: Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro's prescriptions for overcoming ignorance, practicing self-discipline, and having personal integrity based on Proverbs.
  • The Holy Man's Journey: Susan Trott's parable shines with insights into the relationship between teachers and disciples.
  • Little Stone: James Wanless proves that stones can be spiritual teachers.


In Father Melancholy's Daughter, Gail Godwin explores all the teachers of Margaret Gower, the daughter of an Episcopalian priest who suffers bouts of depression. During Easter week of her senior year in college, she witnesses the playing out of the passion story both communally and personally. Later, after a trip to England with an unlikely companion, Margaret discovers her calling. This deeply religious novel shows how the Spirit constantly surprises us with new teachers and unpredictable teachings.

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