Mindful Reading of Poetry Approaching a poem not by analysis but through the senses and feelings. Attention
Pure Enjoyment A breathing practice that builds relaxation, calm, and happiness. Being Present
Freedom from Bitterness How to build a peaceful fortress of tolerance and forgiveness. Forgiveness
The History in Our Hands A look at what our hands can do to heal and help. Gratitude
A Metaphor for Openness A practice to help you be open to the realities of life. Openness
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work with Darkness A personal retreat to work with the spiritual importance of darkness and the dark night of the soul. Transformation
Choosing to Let Go (or Not) A ritual for deciding whether it is truly time to part with a cherished belonging. Transformation
Dwelling in Grateful Joy A practice of gratitude that allows you to acknowledge all that has supported you. Gratitude
Enthusiasm Day by Day Reflections based on Genesis 1 that celebrate beginnings, the sky, the waters, the cosmos, life's splendor, humanity, and rest. Enthusiasm
Where Should We Eat? Ways to make wise choices when you have an opportunity to dine out. Openness
Falling in Love with a Poem How to develop a vibrant relationship with a poem, letting it change you. Teachers
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work with Light A personal retreat to work with the spiritual significance of light. Transformation
Protecting All Motherly Human Beings A meditation by Penor Rinpoche to counter dualistic thinking and to create compassion. Compassion
Mini-Retreat - Spiritual Work with Memories A personal retreat to harvest your memories and practice making new ones. Connections
Spiritual Practices for Difficult Times Nine practices for times when world events overwhelm us and we feel defeated. Transformation
Taking Stock of Your Connections How making an inventory of the objects in your home underscores your dependence and influence on others. Connections
Waiting with Attention A fascinating view into the mind's tricks: desire, envy, dislike, anger, and more. Attention
Crossing Thresholds Ways you can acknowledge transition moments and places as a spiritual practice. Being Present
Worldwide Connections Suggestions for broadening your perspective of the world. Connections
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