1. Have you ever had the experience of journeying back to where you have already been? How did you see it differently this time?

2. When have you felt stripped down in life? Did the experience make sense in hindsight?

3. What is meant by a “chalice of opportunity?” Would you seek it?

4. What unknown is luring you now? What difficulties might it entail? What opportunities?

5. What lessons do you need to learn? Are you willing to spend the rest of your life learning them?

6. Do you live in the present or are you mostly somewhere else? What could you do to further cultivate presence?

7. Consider the mountain as a metaphor for a place of enlightenment. How does its disappearance as you come nearer to it relate to your travels on the spiritual path?

8. Who do you know that has followed their heart and found deeper meaning and purpose in the process?

Possible Practices

1. Pay attention to where and what you are questing for this week.

2. Give yourself permission to take some steps forward on this quest.

3. Journal about ways you could be aided in your quest such as working with a spiritual teacher, making a pilgrimage, increasing your prayer time, adding meditation time, etc.

4. Consider how being lost might actually be a gift if you opened up to it.

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Prepared by Persephone Zill with contributions from Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat