1. Have you ever considered your life from the vantage point of God or the Divine?

2. What role does the dim or the invisible play in your life?

3. How would your life look different if you saw it from the vantage point of a child?

4. Describe a time when you felt connected to others like the mystical moment for the woman on the subway when she felt connected to everyone.

5. Have you ever considered in a time of great joy or exhilaration that “this too shall pass” just as the hard times do?

6. What objects from your life trigger past memories like the stone wall did for the man?

7. What can you learn from pondering the life of socks?

8. What catalyzes “hope” for you like the baking soda imagery?

Possible Practices

1. Pay special attention to your vision this week. Do you mostly see light? Mostly dark? Or a mix of the two?

2. How well are you able to see from the vantage point others? How about from God or the Divine’s

3. Journal about how you might expand your vision and witness more, rather than simply reacting to what’s right in front of you?

4.Consider what could help you remember to look at life through a larger lens than you normally do.

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Prepared by Persephone Zill with contributions from Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat