Beltane - May Day May Day celebrates the start of the bright half of the year. One of four main festivals of Celtic sp… Joy
Birthday of Joanna Macy (PDP) A tribute to the eco-philosopher and Buddhist scholar. Connections
Be Kind to Animals Week Things to do and think about during the annual week-long celebration of the important role animals p… Reverence
Birthday of Pete Seeger (PDP) An overview of the life and legacy of Pete Seeger, a remarkable folk singer and social justice… Justice
Kent State Shootings Remembrance Day (PDP) Perspectives on the use of deadly force against protestors, in remembrance of those gunned dow… Unity
Birthday of Rabindranath Tagore Celebrating the life of the Bengali writer, painter, and musician, winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize in… Vision
Birthday of Gary Snyder (PDP) Lessons to learn from the poet about truly loving the planet. Reverence
Birthday of Daniel Berrigan (PDP) Celebrating the extraordinary life and ministry of Daniel Berrigan who walked his talk as one … Justice
Mother's Day: Honoring Our Many Mothers 10 suggestions to Honor All Our Mothers: for sons and daughters, for mothers, Mother Earth, Mother G… Nurturing
Birthday of Bono (PDP) Recognizing the contributions and leadership style of the international lobbyist and rock star… Openness
Birthday of Stephen Colbert (PDP) Celebrating the comedian and Late Show host who keeps us sane in the face of jarring changes. Joy
Birthday of Studs Terkel (PDP) Honoring the life and times of America's greatest chronicler. Justice
Anniversary of Brown v Board of Education and the End of Segregated Schools (PDP) Noting a watershed event in American history and a spiritual practice to shed separation. Justice
Birthday of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop Remembering the compassion of an unsung pioneer in the hospice movement. Compassion
World Day for Cultural Diversity Celebrating the world’s cultures and issuing a challenge. Peace
Birthday of Mary Stevenson Cassatt Celebrating the birthday of the impressionist painter famous for her depictions of women and childre… Nurturing
Ramadan Mubarak The significance of this month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast and intensify their spiritu… Devotion
Birthday of Margaret Fuller (PDP) Celebrating the great reformer who argued against the subjugation of women and slaves. Justice
Birthday of Bob Dylan (PDP) Honoring the Nobel laureate and folk-music innovator whose songs are adaptable to any movement… Peace
Birthday of Ralph Waldo Emerson (PDP) Celebrating Emerson's birthday by building up our being. You
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