Our bodily position at prayer has a powerful influence upon us; the way we hold our hands, if we kneel or stand, sit or prostrate ourselves. Consider what the implications would be if the next time you pray in a group everyone were to form a circle and face outward. You might face inward as you pray for the needs of those within the circle. Then, after a brief pause, turn and face outward, praying for the needs of the whole Church and for all who live on our small planet.

You can face outward without actually changing your physical position. In both personal and family prayer, after praying for your needs and those of your family, you can direct your prayer outward. With your heart in a global position, pray for the needs of all the different peoples of this earth, as well as the needs of the earth itself.

A global prayer position can be expressed by standing to pray at the window of your bedroom. As you look out your window, pray for all those who live in houses you can see and then beyond them for home-dwellers throughout the world — and for the homeless! A similar gesture at the end of family prayer would be for one member to go to the front door, open it and pray for the needs of your neighborhood, city, country and the world.

Edward Hays in Feathers on the Wind