1. Do a relaxation and silence exercise.
2. Withdraw in your imagination to a place where you have had intense experience of God's presence. Recall this place as vividly as possible.
3. Try to relive that same experience in that very same environment. For some people it may have been an experience of contemplating nature, on a mountain top, while contemplating the sea, a dawn, or a sunset that has left its mark. Others have encountered God while on retreat or in a comminity action. Others have met God in a moment of joy, such as the birth of a child, or of sadness, such as the death of a family member. Relive if possible some of these moments of grace.
4. Return to the place and situation of this experience that has left its mark: what are your feelings? gratitude? praise?
5. Return to the present moment. Compare that experience of the past with the current moment.

Anthony de Mello in Praying Body and Soul by Anthony de Mello, Gabriel Galache