Many traditions combine prayer with movement. Let yourself experiment with prayer by dancing, whirling, or using hand movements. Involving the body can intensify the prayer, leading toward a greater embodiment of this spiritual practice.

Here are some simple hand gestures to try or to use as a springboard for your own prayers with movements. These can be done indoors or outdoors, facing the sun. Outstretch your hands and reach toward the sky. Say aloud, "I open myself to the radiance of Spirit all around and within me." Cross your hands, palms down, over your heart. "I am one with this radiance." Bring your hands together, fingers and palms touching each other, as if you were clapping, and bring your forefingers to your lips. "I trust that the radiance of Spirit lights my way with wisdom, peace, and love." Drop your hands to your sides, palms open, facing outwards. "I give thanks for the many gifts of Spirit in my life." Bend your elbows and make small circles with your wrists. "I release and I let go, believing these words are seeds falling on fertile earth. And so it is. Amen."

Sage Bennet in Wisdom Walk