Stage One: Laughter

Raise both arms in the air, and shout "yahoo" several times. Then burst into laughter for absolutely no reason. Just start laughing. At the beginning it may seem weird, and you may have to force it a little, saying, "Ha, ha, ha" or "Ho, ho, ho" to get the energy of the laughter moving.

Soon spontaneous laughter arises. Try it for thirty seconds, for one or two minutes, or for three or five minutes. Just laugh for no reason at all. Laugh for the sake of laughing.

It can be helpful to have some pillows to throw around and play with, depending on your situation. The idea is to become a child again and to experience the natural spontaneity and joy of life that we were all born with. That spontaneity and joy are still there; they've just been buried under all the to-do lists and the seriousness that we all learn comes with adulthood. But they don't have to be. We can reclaim our natural joy and playfulness, and then we become more productive, creative, and fun-loving adults.

A great way to generate more laughter is to speak in gibberish. Do not, however, use English or any other language that you understand. If you don't understand Italian, you can speak in Italian. By that I mean speak in gibberish with an Italian accent, and use your hands a lot to gesture. You can speak in Chinese or any kind of language, just as long as you don't understand it. You can make all kinds of sounds, and even repeat "yahoo" from time to time to reenergize yourself. It is your responsibility to keep yourself laughing. You don't have to be a stand-up comedian or help other people laugh, unless it is in a playful way that is also fun for you. The focus is on you and on keeping yourself laughing, whether you are alone or interacting with others.

Stage Two: Sit or Lie Down In Silence
The first thing to remember is not to get serious. Just because you are going to sit in silence with your eyes closed doesn't mean that you have to be serious. Sincere, yes, but not serious! Sit down, or lie down, if you prefer, and close your eyes. You might find, and many people do, that gales of laughter are still bubbling up from inside you.

That's okay. You can sit with eyes closed and a big smile on your face and allow the energy of the laughter to keep on coming, if it wants to. Don't force it to arise, and don't repress it. Simply allow the energy to naturally express itself, as laughter, as smiles, or as silence. The idea here is to experience the laughter from the inside. This is something we are not used to doing, since laughter is an extroverted activity, focused on what is outside ourselves. In this second stage we take the focus within to experience the energy of the laughter, and/or the effects of the laughter from stage one. After a while the laughter naturally comes to an end, and you feel yourself dropping down into a place of warm silence, stillness, and joy. Experience this feeling as totally as you can, because this is how, over time, you can use the energy of the laughter to take you deeper inside yourself to your center of wisdom, clarity, and love. This technique is one of the simplest and easiest ways to come home to yourself and to find that place of divine abiding where no person or situation can disturb you.

You can do this technique for any amount of time that you wish. For example: two minutes of laugh followed by two minutes of silence. Do the same amount of time for each stage. This helps keep the balance between the extroverted nature of stage one and the introverted nature of stage two. It is the balanced awareness and expression of both these energies that will bring you to a deeper harmony and peace within yourself.

Pragito Dove in Laughter, Tears, Silence