Creativity can be brought into any kind of activity, whether it be writing a letter, working on your car, repairing the screen door, or setting the dinner table. To create is to express life and existence. This is the birthing of soul into our everyday and we should never forget what the early Christian Gnostics knew about spiritual life. For them, and for many other spiritual traditions, the evidence of spirit in a person's life is given by the creative expression they bring into the world. One of their early critics, Bishop Irenaeus, complained that "everyone of them generates something new every day" and that they were bold enough, from his point of view, to attribute their creative experiences to a direct connection with the divine.

A soulful spiritual life is inseparable from a vibrant creative life. To be filled with spirit is to be blissfully intoxicated with creative expression, and to be in the flow of creative process is to open the doors to divine experience.

Bradford Keeney in Everyday Soul