Look for connections between your actions and your prayer as you go about your daily activities. . . . A prayer of cleansing and healing as you shower. Prayers of intercession for each member of your family as you fold their newly laundered clothes. Prayers of protection for the environment as you work in the garden or walk to work. Prayers of thanksgiving for the gifts the earth provides as you prepare food.

Then connect your prayer to your life in further ways, through simple actions. Express your love for the earth by planting a small organic vegetable garden or growing some herbs in flowerpots on a window sill. Express your solidarity with the poor by volunteering to work in a soup kitchen one day a week, or by refusing to buy food items that are produced in dehumanizing conditions. Express a sense of human community by writing a "thank you" when one is not necessarily expected, or by telephoning a lonely acquaintance. . . . Express joy in God's creation by going for a walk and really noticing things around you. . . . The prayer that inspires action and the action that inspires prayer will become a "yoga," as they intertwine in an ongoing rhythm of unity in your life, expressing what you know of God's life within you and within the world.

Nancy Roth in An Invitation to Christian Yoga