With eyes closed, in a state of meditation, focus on your heart; rest your attention on the heart space. Softly, and with tenderness, tell your heart repeatedly: "I love you . . . I love you so much . . . I really love you." Say the words with as much feeling as you can evoke. If the words do not resonate, change to: "I am willing to love you." If for some reason the word love does not feel right at this time, substitute another word like "cherish" or "honor." Say the words to your heart again and again no matter how awkward it feels. Your ego might resist, so persist! Eventually, the ego lets go, for in the face of genuine, abiding love, the ego is helpless. With continuous practice, a supremely healing and empowering vibration goes from the tongue into the mouth, into the throat, the chest, then deep into the heart, and from there inside the soul, into the hidden, then into the hidden of the hidden.

Do this practice daily and experience the mystery of love unfolding in you with life-changing consequences.

Jamal Rahman in The Fragrance of Faith