You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours.
— Ann Wilson Schaef

Everything that happens to us, is us. There are so many times when we want to deny this, to blame others, to pretend it never happened, to distance ourselves from the ugliness we may have been part of. There are other times when we cannot accept our success. We downplay our goodness, we slough off our accomplishments, we fail to take credit when it is due, we do not allow others to be grateful for what we have done. Both negative and the positive, as well as all the moments in between — that is our life. And in order for us to be wholly and truly ourselves, we will need to take responsibility for it all.

Think about the things you have done this year for which you have yet to claim credit. Write out a claim check for each one, and when you are ready, go and "pick them up."

Terry Bookman in The Busy Soul