Doodle. The best time to doodle is while you're talking on the telephone, so that the other person isn't aware that you're not giving him or her your complete attention, but business meetings are also a good time.

Doodling serves a variety of functions. Most importantly, it gets you in touch with your unconscious, the place where your secret desires are stored. When you let your mind wander, when you allow your hand to move in any direction it chooses, you are expressing your true nature. Pay attention to that. It could be important.

Doodling also allows you to pass time when you are not fully engaged. You can become engaged in your doodling instead. It is often a great way of combating boredom or frustration, and doodling the same pattern, like circles with curlicues, can have a mesmerizing effect.

Do your doodles have any transcendental meaning to you? Do they remind you of someone or something? Do they evoke a mood or feeling? Keep your favorites and look back at them occasionally. Have your doodles changed over the years?

Alan Epstein in How to Be Happier Day by Day