Day 41: Memory Stacking
Habit: Gratitude

"God gave us memory that we might have roses in December."
— J. M. Barrie, Courage

Every moment of every day, you are creating memories. And while many moments are unremarkable, there are many that are worth remembering. There was your first kiss, that first time you saw the ocean, moved into a new apartment, fell in love. You can call on those memories when you need them most.


1. In your journal, create a list of positive memories. When was a time you laughed uncontrollably? When was a time you cried tears of joy? When was a time you surprised someone you love? When was a time you were pleasantly surprised? When was a time you made someone laugh? When was a time you felt strong and healthy? When was a time you felt proud of an accomplishment? When was a time you felt carefree? When was a time you learned something exciting? When was a time you felt loved? When was a time you thought, 'Wow! That's amazing!'

2. For each memory, close your eyes and relive it, feeling what you felt, seeing what you saw. Now take that memory and put it in some place on your body – like an earlobe or the tip of your nose. Now, anything you want to relive that memory, touch that place. Some memories may have their own body part, or you can stack a bunch of positive memories on the same place so you can be flooded with positive emotions at the touch of a nose or the pinch of an earlobe.

Each day this week, touch your memory stack, feel all those positive emotions, and send a silent thank-you up and out in gratitude for all the moments in your past that felt so good.

Sharon Lipinski in 365 Ways to Live Generously