In Islamic spirituality, the miracle of Prophet Jesus walking on water is a metaphor for the awesome power and majesty of spiritual practices to attain higher consciousness. Bereft of spiritual practices, we drown in the waves of trials and tribulations of this material world. When we do only minimal work on self, we struggle to swim and keep afloat. When we transform ourselves, we are able to function freely in this world without being attached to its superficial forms. We walk on water.

Reflect on this image and metaphor. What spiritual practice does it inspire you to add to your daily routine? Choose one personal practice you can do for fifteen minutes each day that will help you get in touch with something higher than your personality. It might be a short, mindful walk in the woods where you notice the natural world at play, a prayer practice, meditation, singing hymns, or chanting.

Jamal Rahman in Sacred Laughter of the Sufis