O Mother Earth, we pray today to link our spirits with all
our brothers and sisters who share this web of life with us
and to honor those who once walked upon this land.

Rest quiet, Ancient Ones, we seek only to honor you and
to respect the land. We will not take from it lightly, nor
do harm. We will respect those creatures with whom we
share this sacred place.

Eagle, Snake, Coyote and Lizard, we honor you! Bless us,
please you Flying People, Crawling People, the Swimmers,
Plants and Tree People, and all our four-legged brothers and

Father Sun, we beseech you to shine down your love
and light upon us!

Sister Rain and Brother Wind, walk softly here, for we are small
beneath your mighty power!

Sister Moon, shine gently as you guide us into dreamtime, and
when you journey across the world, send your stars to light
our way home!

O Mother Earth, accept our prayer, bless us with your energy
and healing. Help us to remember that we are connected to all
who share your sacred web of life … past, present, and future,
that in divinity and grace, we may exist as one!

Sharon Auberle in Woman Prayers: Prayers by Women from Throughout History and Around the World by Mary Ford-Grawbosky