Reverence for God

  1. Shoeless Worship
    by Diana Eck
  2. Kneeling in Prayer
    by Sharon Connors
  3. Give God Different Names
    by Bradford Keeney
  4. The Image of God
    by Yitzhak Buxbaum
  5. See God in the Faces Around You
    by J. Brent Bill
  6. Bowing to a Companion
    by Joan Chittister
  7. Contemplative Comprehension
    by Rami Shapiro
  8. Holy One of Blessing
    by Lawrence Kushner
  9. "Hands On" Prayer
    by Edward Hays
  10. Prayer of Surrender
    by Jon M. Sweeney

Reverence for Life

  1. A Vital Bow
    by Lama Surya Das
  2. Stop Killing; Start Helping
    by Thich Nhat Hanh
  3. The Marvel of Attentive Action
    by Sandy Boucher
  4. Prayers for Everyday Activities
    by Jamal Rahman
  5. The Prayer of the Eyes
    by Edward Hays
  6. 30-Day Practice for Change
    by Joan Chittister
  7. Three Vows
    by Ezra Bayda
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    by Raphael Cushnir
  9. Bring Wonder to Your Routines
    by Bradford Keeney
  10. Make Friends with Darkness
    by Arjuna Ardagh
  11. Be Easily Awestruck
    by Alan Epstein
  12. A Moment of Awe
    by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  13. Experiences of Dread
    by Scott Russell Sanders
  14. Pleasure Planet
    by Timothy Miller
  15. Bless the Wisdom Bringers
    by Rachel Naomi Remen

Reverence for Self

  1. Remember the Divine Image Inside
    by Joseph Telushkin
  2. Haloed from Head to Toe
    by Bradford Keeney
  3. Being Aware of Your Greatness
    by Rabbi Avraham Grodzinzki
  4. Appreciating Ourselves
    by Tara Brach
  5. Sacred Space Within
    by Bernie S. Siegel
  6. Honoring Yourself and Others
    by Brenda Shoshanna
  7. Cultivating Connectedness
    by Ezra Bayda
  8. Blessing of the Body
    by Joyce Rupp
  9. Meditation on the Heart
    by Jane Vennard
  10. Water Your Positive Seeds
    by Thich Nhat Hanh
  11. Affirming the Body
    by Bruce G. Epperly and Lewis D. Solomon
  12. Child Pose
    by Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson
  13. I Am More Than This!
    by Franz Metcalf
  14. Finding Peace by Speaking Less
    by Joseph Goldstein
  15. Eating Mindfully
    by Pragito Dove
  16. Mindful Use
    by Ethan Nichtern

Reverence for Others

  1. Greeting Others with Namaste
    by Jack Kornfield
  2. Acknowledging the Goodness Within One Another
    by Joyce Rupp
  3. Every Knock Is a Cue
    by Donald Altman
  4. Awesome Encounters
    by Stephen L. Carter
  5. True Hospitality
    by Jamini Roy
  6. Greet the Divine
    by Saint Augustine
  7. See Only the Good
    by Joseph Telushkin
  8. Blessing amid Ugliness
    by Katz and Schwartz
  9. Seeing the Secret Goodness
    by Jack Kornfield
  10. Experiences of Dread
    by Scott Russell Sanders
  11. The One Beside You Now
    by Brenda Shoshanna
  12. Exquisite Respect
    by Eknath Easwaran
  13. Bringing Your Attention Inward
    by Pragito Dove
  14. Judge One Another Favorably
    by Brenda Shoshanna
  15. Bless Strangers Secretly
    by Wayne Muller
  16. This Joy Is Mine Also
    by Norman Fischer
  17. Nurture Others
    by Frederic Brussat
  18. Hugging Meditation
    by Thich Nhat Hanh
  19. Honoring Our Common Humanity
    by Tom Cowan
  20. Be the First to Extend Greetings
    by Joseph Telushkin
  21. Good Manners
    by Joseph Telushkin
  22. Being on Time
    by Joseph Telushkin
  23. Listen with All of You
    by Arjuna Ardagh
  24. A Cheerful Countenance
    by Michael Strassfeld
  25. Speaking with Great Reverence
    by Yitzhak Buxbaum
  26. Erasing Hurtful Speech
    by Frederic Brussat
  27. Gentle Words
    by Matthew Flickstein
  28. Raise a Hand in Reverence
    by Lama Surya Das
  29. Pray for Your Enemy
    by Barbara Cawthorne Crafton
  30. Opening One's Heart to a Stranger
    by Joseph Goldstein
  31. Serving Others with Courtesy
    by Peter Reinhart
  32. Volunteering Your Time
    by Alan Epstein
  33. Phrases of Honor
    by Robert Frager
  34. Pray for Widows and Orphans
    by Megan McKenna
  35. Honor Your Ancestors
    by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
  36. Visit the Graves of Loved Ones
    by Tom Cowan
  37. A Stone on the Grave
    by David J. Wolpe

Reverence for Nature

  1. Rejoice in Life
    by David Adam
  2. Bow to the Dawn
    by Macrina Wiederkehr
  3. Merge with the Elements
    by Sandra Ingerman
  4. Saunter and Reconnect
    by Johnson and Ruhl
  5. Pause to Simply Breathe
    by Nguyen Anh-Huong
  6. Spend Time in a Flower Garden
    by Alan Epstein
  7. Using a Flower as Prayer
    by Jose Hobday
  8. Contemplating the Stars
    by Pragito Dove

Reverence for Animals/Plants

  1. Seeing God in All Creatures
    by Tom Cowan
  2. Respect Even the Snails
    by Leonardo Boff
  3. Speaking on Behalf of All Life-forms
    by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
  4. Prayer from an Endangered Species
    by Bradford Keeney
  5. A New Ark
    by Brenda Peterson
  6. Roadkill Redemption
    by Judy Carman
  7. A Pet Vacation
    by Bradford Keeney
  8. Being Aware of Soul Food
    by Edward Hays
  9. Five Contemplations Before a Meal
    by Allan Lokos
  10. Looking at Your Food
    by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
  11. Touching Food with Deep Affinity
    by Franz Metcalf
  12. Handle with Care
    by Jan Chozen Bays
  13. Hold a Council for All Beings
    by Frederic and MAry Ann Brussat

Reverence for Things

  1. The Spirit in All Things
    by Shaun McNiff
  2. A Kiss for Everyday Objects
    by Salman Rushdie
  3. Warmth for Possessions
    by Simpkins and Alexander
  4. A Nod of Respect
    by Philip Toshio Sudo
  5. Respect for Old Shoes
    by Alan Morinis
  6. Waste Not
    by Philip Kapleau
  7. Gratitude for a Bed
    by James Mirel
  8. Leave No Trace
    by Jan Chozen Bays
  9. Regard for Machines
    by Brenda Dunne
  10. Picking Up Trash on the Street
    by Ethan Nichtern