Quotations on Service A collection revealing how service can be a curriculum for a spiritual journey. Compassion
The Blessing Path A month of quotes about the blessing path, the spiritual practice of blessings, and blessing prayers. Devotion
Emotional Intelligence A month of quotes and excerpts about getting in touch with your emotions. Compassion
Yoga Quotes to appreciate and explore the spiritual, physical, psychological, and societal dimensions of this practice. Transformation
A Spiritual Response to the Gulf Oil Spill Prayers, meditations, and quotes on the sacredness of water. Gratitude
The Heart A months' worth of quotes about the heart illustrated with photographs of hearts found in nature. Compassion
Quotations as Life-Savers and Life-Enhancers Why we love to collect and share spiritual quotations. Meaning
Change Quotations about change for reflection and inspiration. Transformation
Quotations by Hildegard of Bingen A collection of quotes by the German mystic and visionary Hildegard of Bingen. Devotion
The Universal Appeal of Dance Quotes from Taoism, shamanism, African religions, Judaism, and Hafiz on the universal appeal of dance. Joy
Passages on Solitude Teachings on the difference between solitude and loneliness, what you can learn from moments of solitude, and how to practice it. Attention
Peace Is the Way A collection of inspirational quotations for Peacemakers Peace
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