Recent Quotes of the Day

Ayya Khema, Be an Island Maybe we can start bringing up ourselves.
Shoni Labowitz, Miraculous Living Intention is the desire to make something
Andrew Harvey, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter The divine is in everything foaming around everywhere.
Ted Loder, The Haunt of Grace Trust is that God is at work in our lives
Alan Jones, Soul Making We are lovable and we are loved
Bradford Keeney, Shamanic Christianity Play with the most troubling parts of your life.
Kabir Helminski, The Book of Language Wherever we turn our gaze
Harold S. Kushner, Jewish Wisdom Expecting the world to treat you fairly
John Tarrant, Bring Me the Rhinoceros Sometimes it might be useful
Sobonfu E. Some, Falling Out of Grace You sculpt your face as you live
Nancy Fuchs, Our Share of Night, Our Share of Morning Vacations are times to recreate our spirits
Emanuel Swedenborg, Observing Spirit Those who have charity hardly ever notice evil
Christopher Child, The Spirit's Terrain A clear and worthy vision of the desirable future
John Enright, Finding What You Didn't Lose I sensed even then they were more free
Wayne Dyer, There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem Recall when you felt a degree of hope
Mark Epstein, Going on Being There is often a desire to pick away at the self
Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ There are 84,000 doors of teaching
Scott Russell Sanders, Writing from the Center Slippery essence that eludes all language
Henri J. M. Nouwen, Set Your Hearts on the Greatest Gift Life is a long journey of preparation
Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano, Longing for Certainty What the Buddha designates as wrong speech
Anne Simpkinson, The Wisdom of Listening Listening and being heard are important
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