Recent Quotes of the Day

Stephen P. Huyler in Meeting God Puja is the ceremonial act of showing reverence
Kathleen Norris in The Quotidian Mysteries The connection between prayer and work
Matthieu Ricard in Happiness Confusing pleasure for happiness
Rowan Williams in The Dwelling of the Light The divides are overcome in the renewed humanity
Christopher Titmuss in An Awakened Life We project our unhealthy aspects on others
David Aaron in Living a Joyous Life We should enjoy being Jewish
Thomas Merton in Thomas Merton, My Brother We have now reached a stage of religious maturity
Kerry Walters in Jacob's Hip Disorientation is an opportunity for growth
C. S. Lewis in Embodied Prayer Human bodies are good
Phil Cousineau in The Olympic Odyssey The miraculous force that animates all
Neil Douglas-Klotz in Blessings of the Cosmos The Aramaic word for deep creative peace: SHLA-MA
Osho in Heartbeat of the Absolute Hatred makes us unable to see our faces
Drew Leder in Sparks of the Divine When you put on your pajamas
Harold Bloomfield in Spiritual Divorce Every day you don't forgive it's as if
Lawrence Kushner in Invisible Lines of Connection God is going to put you where God wants you
Kent Nerburn in Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace We create meaning with each act we perform
Gabrielle Roth in Sweat Your Prayers Friendship is a boot camp for love
Robert Lawrence Smith in A Quaker Book of Wisdom The practice of silence is rewarding
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