Recent Quotes of the Day

Gregg Krech, Naikan Say thank you to whoever give you something
Wayne Teasdale, The Mystic Hours One learns how to love in every-expanding ranges
Dominic Grassi, Bumping into God Again God has plans for me to be someone's hope
Ram Dass, Mirabai Bush, Compassion in Action Laughter gives present reality a break
Michael Morwood, Praying a New Story We believe in God present and active
St. Amadeus of Lausanne , The Sun and Moon Over Assisi He who does not know himself does not penetrate
Thomas Merton, Exploring Spiritual Direction Deepest realization of who I am is
Judy Carman, Peace to All Beings Compassion encircles the earth
Thomas Merton, The Inner Experience "interior life" is generally accepted as a valid description of any kind of striving after prayer
Jiddu Krishnamurti, Living in Balance We must listen in a state of attention
Frederick Buechner, Beyond Words Silence is a given, quiet a gift.
Michael Downey, Hope Begins Where Hope Begins Hope is the capacity to work for something
Henri J. M. Nouwen, Bread for the Journey The best ways to self-knowledge
Albert Nolan, Jesus Today Genuine love is always unconditional
Peter Levi, The Spirit of Silence Their deepest language comes from the depth of silence.
David Aaron, Living a Joyous Life Prayer is not only an exercise in clarifying
Albert Einstein, Passionate Presence Our situation on this earth
Sara Maitland, A Big-Enough God We have lost a knowable world.
Ajahn Chah, A Heart Full of Peace If my mind doesn't go out to disturb the noise
Catherine Ingram, Passionate Presence When we are very loud inside
Jean-Yves LeLoup, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene Dwelling in a ground of silence
Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Inner Life The man who makes God his Beloved
Carol Ochs, Song of the Self We are always confronting otherness
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