Recent Quotes of the Day

Ayya Khema in Be an Island Attend to each moment and learn something new
Evan T. Pritchard in No Word for Time When you think deeply, sometimes you find yourself somewhere else altogether.
Hafiz in I Heard God Laughing I took it as a sign
Ken Wilber in The Essential Ken Wilber The stunning message of the mystics
Drew Leder in Sparks of the Divine We seem to have an inborn propensity
Celeste Snowber in Embodied Prayer The moments of meaning in the mundane.
Thomas Moore in The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life The soul needs a variety of places where it can retreat
James C. Howell in The Beatitudes for Today Jesus opens his teaching ministry
Deepak Chopra in Peace Is the Way The project begins now with you
Thich Nhat Hanh in Living Buddha, Living Christ I invoke my ancestor's presence for support
Mary Margaret Funk in Islam Is There are parallels between Christianity and Islam
Rodney Smith in Lessons from the Dying While cooking the chef pictured his children
D. Stephenson Bond in Living Myth Essential relationship between play and pleasure
Jerome Bruner in Small Wonder Humans are driven to invent moral criteria
L. Shannon Jung in Food For Life Hospitality is a covenant relationship
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