So what is the step that all true seekers have to make? It is an unconditional step of surrender. Sooner or later, if we really want to know the truth, we have to give up all our preconditioned notions of what we think we want. Seldom what we want is what we need. We cannot take our limited concepts of freedom into freedom as it really is. It is not even possible to find the meaning of truth or to learn how we fit into the purpose of life on earth until we reach the time when we can, as the Sufis say, "die before you die." To be in the right time and at the right place, we need to have patience and perseverance, living in the eternal question that can finally bring about true freedom. Freedom from ignorance. Freedom in the knowledge of love, and freedom for all other sentient beings. To know the truth, we must work for the sake of truth, and not for ourselves alone.

Reshad Feild, The Last Barrier