Sometimes only the pain of the jealousy itself stimulates us to seek out its antidote.

Rejoicing in the happiness, talents, fortune, and good qualities of others is that antidote. When others are happy, we might as well join in! When others act wisely and kindly, why not rejoice in their virtue? There is so much suffering in our world that to wish others to be deprived of the happiness they have is foolish.

Rejoicing is regarded as the lazy person's way to create great positive potential, When we rejoice at others' virtues — their kindness, generosity, ethical discipline, patience, joyous effort, concentration, wisdom and so forth — we accumulate positive potential as if we had that admirable attitude or had done that beneficial action ourselves. Since we need to accumulate great positive potential to progress along the path, rejoicing at others' goodness and happiness is definitely worthwhile. It spurs us along the path to enlightenment and also makes us happy right now.

Thubten Chodron, How to Free Your Mind