It was the presence of the living body of Christ — hidden in the collective body of the disciples — that transformed Paul's life. It was an experience of nonduality, of interbeing. Paul realized that Jesus is not just Jesus. For Paul, we are Jesus, too. We are the body of Christ. To persecute the disciples of Jesus is to persecute the body of the living Christ. To cut down a rain forest in Brazil out of greed is to cut down the body of Christ. To execute a criminal, not matter how guilty he or she may be, is to execute Christ. That is why Mother of Teresa of Calcutta, this time responding to a reporter's question after visiting the men on death row at California's San Quentin prison, remarked, 'What you do to these men, you do to God." She knew that the men condemned to death were as filled with God as anyone else. They too are the body of Christ.

Brian J. Pierce, We Walk the Path Together