Go to a toy store and purchase some tiny plastic figures of people. Select five of them to be your fairies. Give each a name and make up a story about what they are skilled at performing. Cut a piece of green paper into the shape of Ireland. Place this green island under your bed and set your five named and storied fairies on it.

Before going to sleep each night, peek under your bed and say, "Good night, my fairy friends. Maybe tonight you will take me to the fairy underworld. If you happen to see a saint, please pass on my greetings."

Make a commitment to maintain this practice for twelve months. When you dream of the fairy people, write down your dream on green paper cut into the same size and shape as the Ireland shape under your bed. Glue it to the Ireland shape. As your entries into the fairy underworld become more numerous, realize that your island will become thicker and have more depth. Should you ever be taught something by a fairy, ask the little one to introduce you to the Celtic saint of your choice. If you are lucky enough to meet the saint in your dreams, be sure you place a four-leaf clover on the heart of your Ireland.

Bradford Keeney, Shamanic Christianity