Optimystics know that uncertainty is the prelude to discovery, and discovery is the prelude to growth. In other words, uncertainty can be a real blessing. It can propel us in new directions. It can make us take risks and live more radically, more intensely. Uncertainty can turn us in the direction of our spiritual selves; so often it is a security crisis in our lives that brings us to spiritual awakening and peace. Uncertainty may force us to face our fragility, giving us the opportunity to lay down the burden of our illusions of control — to face life naked but free, open to a new destiny. We are humbled, more reverent toward a higher power, more appreciative of the things and people that contribute to our sense of well-being. Optimystics believe that God likes to rattle us a little, perhaps because the noise reminds us of his or her presence!

Terry Lynn Taylor, Mary Beth Crain, The Optimystic's Handbook